8 Photography Trends That You Need To Try Out in 2024

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People are visual creatures, so it makes sense that photos hold a special place in the hearts of everyone. The rise of cellphones and Instagram made photography a hobby that almost everyone has tried to pursue at least once in their lives. Here are the 8 photography trends for you to try out.

Everyone has their own unique photography style. At times, you might need to experiment with trends to find what truly makes your pictures pop. These trends are what started to define 2024 as an art year. Do you see something that inspires you?

What Are The Top Photography Trends Today?

In the recent past, photography trends tended to focus on hyper-composed, heavily planned shots featuring bright colors. It wouldn’t be a stretch to say there was an emphasis on hard-to-get shots with a distinctly polished feel. 

The pendulum has started to turn against that trend. Top photography trends now look for a more “real” feel, often with a vintage or down-to-earth bend. 

1. Real Film Shots

For a while, it looked like film was going to go the way of the dodo. The 2010s saw a resurgence in photographers’ love of Polaroids and Instax photography as nostalgia for the 80s grew. In 2024, real film shots remain trendy—but with a twist. 

Rather than stick to Polaroids, artists are switching over to SLR cameras and getting professional film prints. Regular film SLR cameras offer a lot more uniqueness to their shots, and since they can’t be altered digitally, it makes a big difference in how shots are taken and how they are presented. 

Photography-wise, it’s an entirely different experience. You’ll find it incredibly rewarding.

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How To Do It

You can choose to get an SLR camera, opt for a single-use film camera, or get a Polaroid camera. It’s all about choosing the right film. 

2. Neon Light Shots

Did you notice an uptick of portraits shot under neon lights at night? Perhaps you noticed music videos taking that same cue, too. It’s true. Neon lights offer a certain mood that is hard to compare to anything else. 

A little nostalgia, a lot of drama, neon light shots are excellent for someone who wants a bold, colorful, and slightly anemoia-filled portrait. 

How to Take a Picture, Photography Trends, Photography Ideas

How To Do It

You can either use Lightroom or filters to get this look, or go for the “organic” look by finding local businesses with neon lights. 

3. Low Shutter Speeds

Do you remember seeing photos where people are rushing to a stationary object, only to see a blur of the person? It’s a popular look that truly encapsulates the rush of the modern world. If you’ve ever wanted to get that same blurred effect, it’s actually quite simple. 

How To Do It

You will need to lower your shutter speed to under 1/50th of a second. The slower the speed, the more it’ll blur and the longer it will take to make the shot. 

The best way to ensure you get a good shot is to add stationary items in the picture, and to use a tripod to avoid unwanted “jiggles.”

How to Take a Picture, Photography Trends, Photography Ideas

4. Heightened Look Shots

Also known as flash photography directly focused on the subject, heightened look shots are another one of the top photography trends hitting art galleries and Instagram series alike. Heightened shots, when done right, harken back to the days of professional photography like Helmut Newton’s.

A bold flash bulb often is all you need to get a heightened look in your photography portraits. This particular photography trend has been hitting magazine stands hard as of late. It’s effortlessly cool and tends to pair well with the next trend on our list.

How To Do It

Use a flash when you take photos, ideally in a slightly dark area. This will give you the bold, dark contrast that heightened looks often give. 

If you want to soften it, then use a light box alongside your flash. Instruct your model to “play towards the light.”

5. Candid, Shoot-On-The-Fly Poses

For the past 15 years or so, the trendiest photography style involved highly curated, highly orchestrated photos that involved carefully posed models, delicately decided outfits, and compositions that took hours to create. 

Undoubtedly, these photos also tended to look great. They were excellent for Instagram, but eventually, people grew weary of the over-cosmetic aspect of these pictures. They wanted to see a level of authenticity—something that felt real

Nothing quite captures that feeling of reality like getting candid photos of people. That’s why many artists are now turning to candid shots or photos taken after particular events in their lives. When people don’t feel like they have to pose, their true personality shines through.

How to Take a Picture, Photography Trends, Photography Ideas

How To Do It

Don’t encourage your models to pose. Instead, hang out with them, get them to relax, and then take pictures at random. 

6. Black and White Photography

It may be a category as old as time, but it still ebbs and flows in popularity. Black and white photography was cast to the wayside for a while as people began to emphasize colors in their photography compositions. However, the tide has changed again. 

Monochrome photography is perennially popular because of the timeless look it offers. Today, people are opting for high-contrast black and white photos that dial up drama. 

How To Do It

In most cases, using your black and white setting on a DSLR will do well. You can also turn color photos into black and white ones in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, or even Canva. 

7. Vintage Vibe Photography

Speaking of black and white, did you notice how many artists are focusing on “vintage look” photography? The current state of the world has made many people yearn for a time long past—a simpler time that may never have even existed. 

In many cases, this could fall under black and white photography. However, it’s not just a matter of black and white photos. This umbrella category of photography trends can include:

  • Sepia-toned photos
  • Photos of people in period clothing
  • Photos of vintage cars, radios, and electronics
  • Steampunk attire

How To Get It

There is no single way to get this look. You can obviously use props, choose vintage attire, and find “vintage-friendly” locations. Or, you can use Lightbox or Photoshop to give your photos a sepia filter. It’s up to you to explore this trend as you see fit. 

8. AI Photography

AI photography is one of the only photography trends that bucks the “ultra authentic” vibe of things. As you might have already guessed, AI photography uses AI filters (or even full programs) to create unique, photorealistic illustrations. 

Sometimes, it’s enhancements. Other times, it’s the whole enchilada—an artificial photograph that is just too realistic not to believe!

How To Do It

This all boils down to downloading a program (or using Dall-e) to create your artwork. It’s best to use highly descriptive prompts and commands to get the best possible results. 

Which photography trends do you want to try?

Professional photography is a lot like an all-you-can-eat buffet. You can pick and choose a wide range of different topics, styles, and trends without ever having to worry about running out of options. Mix them, match them, just have fun with them. Eventually, you’ll find trends that could become a major part of your unique art style. 

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