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My Expertise: AI Writing & SEO, photography/digital creation

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Who I Am

I grew up on a horse farm in north central New Jersey.  Growing up, I spent a lot of time outdoors which led to a love of nature.  In highschool, I took a dark room class and fell in love with photography.  This combination of art and a love of outdoors fueled my passion to create beautiful photos.  

I went to a small private school in New Jersey, and eventually college in Virginia with a degree in Business Administration and a concentration in finance.  After graduating college, I got a job at 21 years old with a publicly traded broker dealer in their call center.  This was in 2007 right before the financial collapse of 2008-09.  After the dust settled on the merger with a bank, I took a position as a financial advisor.  I was in this role for a number of years before taking another position at a different major brokerage firm on their corporate stock options desk.  

I always had a passion for trading and investing, and around 2014 I decided to trade on my own during the day, and work construction part time for a family business.  Not everything works out the way we originally plan, so eventually the trading became less and less, and working for the family business became full time for about 7 years.  I learned priceless skills, doing everything from construction, leasing, machine operation, event planning, event hosting, marketing, social media, and best of all for me is it allowed me to leverage my photography for our website.  

During covid, I switched gears yet again back to finance, this time going back to one of my former companies on their 401k/pension desk.  This role increased my knowledge and skillset beyond what I had learned before.  After about a year of working in this role, I decided to try trading again and traded stock options for myself for about a year and a half which I still do to this day.  

My background is definitely not linear, or traditional and I have a wide range of experience and knowledge across many arenas.  This is an asset that I believe allows me to help anyone else out there on their own journey.

What You Should Know About Me

  • Non Traditional career path
  • Deep knowledge of personal finance, trading, and investing
  • SEO optimization mixed with AI and the all important human element
  • Passionate about photography